Render Versus Reality
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February 9, 2022

One of the biggest obstacles in buying a new build home off-plan is visualising the spaces. That’s where renders come in. These days you’d be hard-pressed to find a new build development that doesn’t have an accompanying render to go with it.

But how accurate are these renders? And how can potential buyers be sure that what they’re being sold in the 3D render is going to be close to the end result? Let’s take a look.

What are 3D Renders?

Simply put, 3D rendering is the process of using a computer to generate a 2D image from a digital three-dimensional scene. In design and architecture, renders allow designers to communicate their ideas in a clear and transparent way. With 3D rendering, those who aren’t good at visualising plans and 2D sketches have an easy way to see the detail in how a house will look and function.

Before rendering, a building would only exist in the imagination of developers and designers and on 2D plans and drawings. But now, because of rendering these buildings are easily visualised by everyone. As stand-ins, they can be remarkably close to the completed projects. 

For those looking to buy a new build property, 3D renders are a valuable reference that bears a lot of practical weight when it comes to making your way through the property journey. For those who aren’t used to looking at plans, and struggle to visualise their outcomes, they can be one of the closest possible representations of an architect’s vision as well as acting as a valuable visual promise to clients, investors as well as the general public.

How True to life are 3D Renders?

To see how true to life 3D renders are, let’s go back to how they’re used in the design process. A quality render can become a powerful tool to get the desired result at completion.

For architects, 3D renders are a critical reference point in the design process. Rendering accuracy is extremely important, particularly in the early design phases. Why? For architects, detailed and well-executed visuals are extremely important in being able to identify issues and allow designers, engineers and builders to anticipate potential complications that could compromise a project. Just take a look at the striking similarities between render and reality from one of our new build developments on 120 Nursery Ave, Phillipstown:

3D rendering makes it simple and quicker for architects to try different design variations. They can stage virtual walkthroughs, flyovers and even use video modelling to show the effects the sun will have on the design of a home. In most cases, special attention is brought to the lighting, materials, and context in order to make the most accurate representation possible.

Real Life Examples from some of our Developments

New builds tend to be pretty accurate once they’re finished. In fact, with some renders it can even be hard to tell the CGI apart from the real thing. But if you’ve never bought off a plan before it’s natural to feel a little nervous about it. 

Prior to the holiday break, we settled a development that we had sold for Duo Group In Christchurch. The amazing thing when visiting these properties was how they turned out compared to the original renders. Take a look at the remarkable consistency between the early renders and the completed build environment:

112 Purchas Street, Edgeware

This house is 112 Purchas Street, Edgeware, Christchurch. Since the build began, the purchase price has gone up from $530,000 in June 2020 to $660,000 in June 2021. That’s a 24.5% increase. And over 18 months? That number grew by 36.8%.

We believe Duo Group’s properties are always a notch above the “competition” in build quality, design and specs. They use larger windows to capture more light and make rooms feel more spacious.

So, how are you feeling about buying off-plan now? If you’d like to view some of the properties we have on offer at SM Property, or you need some help in trying to find the right home contact us. We’d be happy to help.

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