Is the Auckland Market Looking Up?
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June 13, 2023

After experiencing a prolonged period of falling prices, the Auckland housing market is finally showing signs of recovery.

Recent data reveals that house prices have risen in 12 percent of Auckland’s suburbs over the past three months, suggesting a potential turnaround. This positive development comes as welcome news for homeowners and investors in the region. It’s definitely news to watch out for to all the home buyers and investors sitting on the sidelines, as this could be a sign that the market has passed the bottom.

Signs of Recovery in Auckland’s Housing Market

Compared to the nationwide trend, Auckland’s housing market appears to be rebounding slightly ahead of the rest of New Zealand. The city’s potential recovery is attributed to the significant price declines it experienced following the peak of the market in late 2021.

CoreLogic’s Mapping the Market research indicates that while house prices fell in 165 Auckland suburbs in the three months to June, prices rose in 23 suburbs.

This upward trajectory in prices is a promising sign for homeowners, indicating that the market may be reaching its bottom and preparing for a rebound.

Key Factors Driving the Recovery

Several factors contribute to the positive outlook for Auckland’s housing market. Strong migration into New Zealand, particularly in main centers like Auckland and Christchurch, is fueling rental and house buying demand.

Additionally, the expectation of a “floor” for price falls is growing as mortgage rates stabilize, employment remains strong, and credit rules loosen. These factors, coupled with the gradual recovery of the overall economy, contribute to the growing optimism surrounding Auckland’s housing market.

Suburb Performance and Price Increases

Among the suburbs that experienced price increases, South Auckland’s Red Hill stood out as the strongest performer, with prices rising by 2.5 percent. While all 195 suburbs in the Auckland region saw price falls over the past 12 months, the recent upward trend is a positive development. Similarly, across New Zealand, 128 suburbs increased in value over the past three months, indicating a broader improvement in the housing market.

The recent upswing in buyer interest in a significant number of Auckland suburbs provides encouraging signs of a recovering housing market. Homeowners and investors can take heart in the prospect of stabilizing and potentially increasing property values. As the Auckland housing market shows positive momentum, it offers renewed hope for the future of real estate in the region. Head to our other blogs or our Instagram for more handy market insights and home buying tips.

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