What our clients think of us


Waleed Numan, June 2023

I have recently settled a new build property that I purchased off the plans, my first time doing so. I was hesitant at first but after speaking to Scott, I quickly became reassured I was in safe hands. I gained confidence that I was dealing with a real estate agent with utmost integrity and legitimate customer focus. This continued throughout the process from looking at different property options all the way to settlement, approximately 2 years. Scott was amazing to deal with, always answered the phone or detailed emails to discuss any concerns, and gave amazing advice in what was a constantly changing property market. A big thank you to Scott, you made life so much easier!

Furthermore, the entire team at SMP were incredible to deal with, clearly a great group of people who work in an environment where they thrive. Best of luck to the team and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again.

Ryan Shaw,  June 2023

We worked with Scott purchasing our first investment property. He’s very knowledgeable and we highly recommend him. We look forward to working with him and the team again soon. 

Bang Dang Cong,  June 2023

I want to thank Mandi for all of her amazing support through the home buying process. 

I cannot thank her enough – she gave me so much advice and guidance through my whole KO application. You are the best agent that I have worked with. As a first home buyer, I had no idea about buying a house in NZ, but I was so lucky to be able to have Mandi here to help, even after hours or on weekends.  I will definitely be recommending her to any friends who are looking to buy a home

Claude, May 2023

Being a first home buyer, you’re at a loss when you don’t have proper guidance and mentoring. Mandi has really guided me in the whole process until I received the keys to my new property. She’s very helpful and easy to communicate with, she really attends to my concerns and questions quickly with nil judgement, thank you Mandi. And even to this day, I still don’t hesitate to ask her things regarding the property, because I know she won’t mind and is still happy to help.

Thank you again Mandi, you made my home buying journey smooth and easy!!! 

Paige and Matt, April 2023

Mandi and Scott have been the best people we’ve dealt with in any professional sense, not just in property, for a long time! We felt super supported by both of them and really enjoyed their positive energy! We think Scott is super inspirational with what he’s shared with his business journey and how he holds himself!

We will be recommending the SM Property team to everyone we know looking to buy a home or investment property!

Jennifer and Paul, March 2023

Mandi at SM property has been really helpful in guiding and advising us when we were looking for a property. She patiently answered our queries about the process of purchasing a new build first home. As a first home buyer the purchasing process seemed very overwhelming, so we are very lucky that Mandi was there for us to talk us through the process. We greatly benefited from her expertise and we will definitely recommend her to friends and family. Thank you Mandi.

Selemon Yitbarek, Oct 2022

“Mandi made my first experience buying a home a very pleasant experience. Mandi provided me with a range of properties within my price range and also a targeted completion date. After we found a property, Mandi made the process even easier by putting me in contact with a solicitor and guiding me through the process of putting through my first offer. After the completion of the property Mandi also helped with finding appliances. I would highly recommend Mandi to first-home buyers or anyone looking to buy a property. Thanks, Mandi”

Sarah Jadallah, Aug 2022

“When I started my home-buying journey, I expected the process to be a lot harder for getting into the property market… It wasn’t! Zaia at SM Property was extremely helpful in explaining the process to me, especially as I had a lot of questions/concerns, to begin with. Her patience and determination to go above and beyond really showed.
Zaia was really helpful when explaining the differences between conditional and unconditional offers, and the team had lots of patience in getting our lending sorted. The team was really switched on and incredibly knowledgeable and were super friendly to work with”

Jackson Fletcher, Feb 2022

“In what was portrayed as such a daunting and unthinkable market for first-home buyers, we couldn’t be more grateful for the professionalism and fantastic service of Hannah from SM property to guide us through the process. Hannah exceeded our expectations and made what initially seemed impossible into a reality. Since signing up for our property, Hannah has provided regular updates and has answered all the many questions that we have, we really couldn’t recommend anyone more highly!

Hannah is both professional and personable and is an asset to the SM Property team. We look forward to working with her for all our future property needs.”

Hamish Steele

“In such a tough market for buyers, it was well worth using Scott and his team. They know the builders, developers, rental agents and the market which gave me the confidence to pull the trigger when I had to. It’s great to have one point of contact to deal with any concerns. Overall the process worked even better than I expected so I would definitely recommend their services to my family and friends.
When my partner and I decided to purchase a property, SM Property was more than just a sales agent, they truly joined us on our journey, celebrated our success, and has been our first port of call throughout the entire building process to answer any of our questions, and provide us with continuous support.

Our financial journey is far from over and I know I will continue to turn to SM Property for further guidance and support as we plan to make our next steps towards our future goals.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to achieve any level of financial goals, to begin their own journey by contacting SM Property and gaining the right amount of expertise and guidance towards making their own dreams a success.”

Keisha Malone, 2022

“Scott helped me into my first home almost 2 years ago. He made the entire process from start to keys in hand seamless.

As a single mother, the idea of buying my first home in Auckland seemed basically impossible. Scott was able to walk me through the contract front to back and simplify the convoluted financing processes with banks in order to find the right fit for me.

Not only does he give sound advice but he also has an incredibly warm and inviting personality. I cannot recommend a better person to guide you through the daunting process of buying your first home.

I’m so glad I took the leap when I did and I would never have done it without Scott’s guidance and expertise.”

Regan Paul, Jan 2022

“My experience with Mandi has been nothing but professional, personal and proactive. Almost 2 years after selling me my first home, Mandi is still answering my questions and concerns and general queries about the property market. Mandi has a plethora of contacts that have helped me navigate the property investment space. Nothing ever seems a chore, she’s an outstanding communicator and a real treasure chest of experience. I’ve recommended her to my friends and whānau many times. I look forward to continuing a good relationship with her. A real 10/10! “

Pratheek Talla, Feb 2022

“I recently purchased a home with Mandi from SM Property. No doubt Mandi is very approachable and easy to talk to and clarify all my queries and provided valuable ideas for the selection process of the Unit we bought at Christchurch. We didn’t feel any pressure. This allowed us to adequately consider all the possible options. Highly Recommended, Good Luck Mandi, Keep it UP 😊

You can’t go wrong, definitely 5+++ stars. I have always found this company SM Property to conduct themselves and build their property to a high standard. Mandi spoke from the heart and shared personal Christchurch investing property highs and lows. Great team, great product, great passion. We highly appreciated her help and advice and we recommend her to our network friends.”

Raewyn & Trevor Martin, March 2022

“Mandi was fantastic. Always prompt to answer any questions we had. Helping us hands on with processes that were new to us like electronic signing.
I would highly recommend Mandi and the team at SM Property. Very efficient, professional and friendly, going the extra mile to help us with the nitty gritty of things we didn’t understand. “

Mana Moana Landings Buyer, 2022

“Initially, we were worried that we were with a real estate agent, only focused on one thing- the money. We were proved wrong when we were provided a service that felt genuine and not all about making a quick sale.

The biggest benefit was having somebody available to answer all our questions, big or small. We were reasonably new to house buying and very cautious. Hannah was very approachable and answered all our questions without hesitation. We sent lots of emails and she was very patient with us.

We would recommend SM Property services to friends and family.”

I’m so glad I took the leap when I did and I would never have done it without Scott’s guidance and expertise.”

Hemi & Tracey

“With our first investment property Scottie and the team have made investing in property a breeze. Any queries were answered relatively quickly and any potential issues were resolved before they became issues. Interestingly, we put in a few odd requirements with the developers and they were happy to accommodate which we really appreciated. Throughout the whole process Scottie has been there guiding us through any potential issues and always came up with solutions.
The property itself once finished was of an excellent standard. Very good use of space and window to really open the place up. Due to the location and spec of the property, being able to rent it was not an issue. In fact the price of the build was pleasantly surprising given the quality and location! We liked our first one so much we bought another property through Scottie.”

Oliver & Simon, 2021

“Scottie and the team made the whole process super easy. Scott was always easy to contact and provided advice and regular updates throughout the build and he was always happy to help with any queries we had.
The property we purchased was great value for money and the quality of the build was exactly what we expected. Once complete Scott put us in touch with a property management company who knew the area and were able to find a tenant for us within a few weeks which really topped off the whole experience.”

Kyle Rayner, 2022

“I purchased my first property off the plans from SM Property in 2018. Although I was nervous about the buying process, it was very simple with the help from the right people.
When I viewed the house for the first time I was impressed with the layout and how the space was utilized well. The quality was amazing for the price, and I loved the low maintenance aspect of the property. It was also very easy to get in contact for paint touch ups post settlement.
Working with Scottie Muirson was very easy and convenient, if I had any issues or questions he was only a phone call or text away and would get answers very quickly. I was very impressed that throughout the build process Scottie would update me frequently with photos from the developer and let me know how the build was progressing.
I would recommend SM Property for any first home buyers or investors and I am happy to work with them again.”

Alan Ing

“It’s been really good having SM Property through the process of buying my first home. It’s been great being able to chat to you throughout this process, really great guy and really easy to talk to.

I remember with our first meeting I was blown away because I didn’t realise how possible homeownership would be for me, so yeah definitely it was an incredible first meeting the way you just laid everything out there talking about how possible it was. Just talking about how possible it was the most important thing here I felt.

I definitely loved getting the updates from you showing the build in progress and getting the update from the developers, especially during the lockdown and I wasn’t too sure how that would affect construction.

So yeah, definitely recommend anyone who wants to get their foot on the property ladder get in touch with you and your team and just have a chat like I did.”

Todd Lambourne

“I had the expectation that I wouldn’t be able to find something in my price range or the repayments would be too high that I couldn’t service the mortgage and still enjoy travelling and living a fun lifestyle. This proved to be very wrong as what I found was well inside my price range with low repayments. It even increased in value by 11% from purchase to settlement.

SM Property was awesome at helping to find a suitable property that was reasonably priced in an area that would have a large amount of medium and long term growth. The biggest thing I thought wasn’t possible was being able to purchase my second investment property so soon after my first one had been completed. In the end, SM Property showed me how I could easily purchase my second and even third property within 12 months. With his help, I will soon be looking for my fourth!

Regular updates have always been provided at each stage of the build from groundworks to settlement. Communication has always been one of SM Property’s main strengths plus he is easy to get along with and always happy to help.”

Kat Mathie

“I would not hesitate to go to SM Property for guidance within the property market. He made the seemingly daunting process of buying our first home straight-forward and simple. SM Property was exceptionally helpful and professional, providing honest advice, which helped give me an idea of a realistic outcome.”

Nefe and Dan

“If it wasn’t for SM Property, we would not own our first home yet. For something that initially felt impossible, he really made the entire process so easy for us.

He went above and beyond. Not only did he catch up with us outside of his working hours to talk about the different properties available but he also guided us through the entire process. He was so patient with us and always had time to pick up the phone and answer any questions we had.

Going into the process we didn’t have a clue what we were doing and he treated us with respect and enthusiasm and encouragement which was so refreshing – especially when compared to other experiences we had with other companies!

His communication and dedication is outstanding and we are so glad we bought our first home with SM Property.”

Adrian West

“The plan is very straight forward involving good safe investment in real estate. Hard to believe, but if you show a little discipline; which one would hope comes naturally to us, financial freedom is readily achievable. It doesn’t even have to impact your standard of living.

As someone who thought high-risk shares was the only way I was going to become a millionaire, I am converted to the property as the means of getting there. Not saying I won’t still do the high-risk shares but I will not be relying on them.”

Joshua Natapu & Alesha Mulqueen

“Working with SM Property was super easy, from just a random conversation about what he thought the housing market was going to do this year to convince us to buy, he showed us the options and what to expect.

SM Property was quick to reply with any questions we had and was happy to give us his honest thoughts on what he would do if he was in our position. We never thought we would be able to get into the Auckland market and are stoked we were able to.

Thanks, SM Property for helping us do something we never thought we would be able to do, you’re a lad!”

Oliver Field

“I met with SM Property to discuss options around future property purchases, preferably in Auckland, which I thought maybe out of my options. SM Property provided me with accurate and beneficial information and ideas pertaining to my situation, although there was no pressure to purchase throughout our meetings. Once I had decided on an idea, SM Property was very helpful in providing in-depth knowledge around site choices, preferred floor plans and other factors that only come from experience in the property market.

During the build, I had regular updates including photos and was kept well informed on the next steps to ensure a smooth settlement and felt well involved in the overall process.

I’ve felt dealing with SM Property very easy; he’s upbeat, honest and provided all the help and answers when I came to him for information. I believe I have bought a great quality product I will be proud to call my own house that’s value for money, in a desirable location and completed to a high standard.

I would highly recommend using SM Property as a Property Consultant!”

Alexandra Angelo

“Very knowledgeable and gives great advice! Would definitely recommend :)”

Nathan Dronsfield

“I first made contact with SM Property from booking a time slot on his web page, SM Property called as planned and was very generous with his time, allowing our initial conversation to continue naturally.

Instantly I felt a connection with him as someone who cares and wants to help direct others to achieve their financial goals without the pressure of needing to buy anything or having to be of a certain level in wealth to gain his expertise.

We agreed to meet in person, to talk some more about the options. During this meeting, SM Property was very open, and honest, about the options, the vision the developments had, and the opportunity to use this as a starting point to begin taking steps towards my own financial security.

Although I was just at the beginning of my journey to my property financial goals, there was no impatience on SM Property’s behalf, in fact, I felt his desire to join me on this journey too, and his excitement really helped me to see how close I was.
He also shared some of his own experiences and answered all of my questions with a confidence that only comes from personal experience and expertise.

When my partner and I decided to purchase a property, SM Property was more than just a sales agent, they truly joined us on our journey, celebrated our success, and has been our first port of call throughout the entire building process to answer any of our questions, and provide us with continuous support.

Our financial journey is far from over and I know I will continue to turn to SM Property for further guidance and support as we plan to make our next steps towards our future goals.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to achieve any level of financial goals, to begin their own journey by contacting SM Property and gaining the right amount of expertise and guidance towards making their own dreams a success.”

Evan Webby 

“I’ve always heard buying off the plan builds was risky and as it was my first home purchase damn it made me anxious. SM Property helped me understand a lot of the process so in a way he proved to me that buying off the plans isn’t always bad if you have an experienced property consultant to guide you.

The most helpful aspect I would say is SM Property has always been available, whether it be a message or a phone call, from start to settlement. To put any questions at ease.

SM Property takes the time to keep me up to date with the build, whether it be a tag on socials or sending me photos of build progress. Which to me means he genuinely wants to keep you in the loop.”

Robbie McKenzie

“As a first home buyer, the general consensus is that it’s too hard of a process, anything decent to live in is unrealistically far away, it’s all too expensive and don’t even bother because you will get outbid.

I am grateful SM Property took the time to sit down and show us that our assumptions were wrong and he outlined exactly how we can achieve our dream of homeownership.

SM Property mapped out the pathway and gave us advice on every step to take to ensure we felt comfortable and involved throughout the entire process. He made what initially seemed to be a daunting task a realistic and achievable undertaking.

With his genuine desire to help and eagerness to fight for the best outcome for his customers, I couldn’t recommend SM Property enough to help you on your journey to reach your goals.”


“My daughter and I had a very pleasant buying experience with SM Property when we were on the lookout for a townhouse to buy. SM Property was very professional and honest in relaying information to us. He offered very useful advice and assisted our buying decision with confidence.

We were happy dealing with him as he was very upfront on what was offered at the price range that we were after. He was very prompt with the promise he made and obtained the townhouse lot that we wanted to purchase.

I would highly recommend SM Property to anyone wishing to buy such property from this developer.”

Joe and Nyssa Tasker

“On our previous builds, we spent a lot of time planning, researching and completing paperwork. This purchase was simple, upfront and pain-free. SM Property provided us with the property information pack and the combined sales and purchase/building contract which detailed everything we needed to know. The specifications were detailed and included all of the chattels and landscaping which is usually excluded from new builds. The properties are ideal for investors as it is truly is a turnkey solution.

Throughout our engagement, SM Property was friendly, knowledgeable and worked hard to answer any questions we had ASAP. His customer service and communication is outstanding. Highly recommended. When able, I will definitely look to SM Property for future property opportunities.”

Matthew Edson

“What can I say about working with SM Property? He has been fantastic to work with.

Before we purchased our property with SM Property we had viewed so many houses within our price range. Some of them were leaky homes, a lot were going to auction so we had no guarantee of getting, and some needed so much work we’d have to spend $50,000 on them to make them habitable! We were starting to get very disheartened.

Then SM Property came along and showed us that buying our first home was totally possible! We just had to approach it in a different way. He showed us the benefits of buying off-plan, and new. It was very exciting, because within this budget we got it all included, and we didn’t have to do any work! We could just move straight in. SM Property even helped us find a lawyer who was better at negotiating new home contracts than the lawyer we had previously been using. He was there for everything, absolutely every step of the way.

I know that we had reservations about going to an agent, as we believed that they were pushy and unfeeling, only out to make money and not caring about people. However, our experience with SM Property could not have been more different! He really listened to our needs. He was always available to chat if we had any questions. The best part, was when we paid our first deposit, he took us out for dinner! It was amazing! My parents just bought a $1.2 million house and their agent didn’t take them out for dinner. SM Property is the next level!

I cannot recommend SM Property enough. He is an all-round great guy and a fantastic Property Consultant.”

Charlotte Hawkins

“SM Property has been the most wonderful and helpful person through this entire process. He helped us from start to finish in getting our first home.

He came over in the evening because we both work weekdays, and talked us through everything, answering every question, leaving no stone unturned. He helped us to split the deposit between two instalments so we could afford it and talked us through the Kiwisaver and Homestart process, even when it was in his own (not work hours) time. He even took us out to celebrate when we went unconditional!

He absolutely went above and beyond for us and made us feel like PEOPLE not just clients there for the money. We definitely feel as though we could not have purchased our first home without SM Property. We would recommend him a hundred times over, for anyone. He is the epitome of customer service and delivers on everything.  5 Stars *****”

Hannah Fisher

“After spending the last two years searching for a house it came as a pleasant surprise to find a New Build in with SM Property. While buying a new home can be overwhelming at the best of times, doing so after COVID, was quite truthfully nerve-wracking.

I reached out to SM Property during my search and I consider myself lucky. I can’t count the number calls I made to him at ridiculous hours with questions, worries, and at times simply for advice.

Not once was I made to feel silly, and while the discussions helped me make my choices as confidently as possible, I can say that I never once felt like I was being pressured into buying. SM Property made the whole process seamless.

I move into my new home in March with confidence, already having received my first of my monthly updates on the build.”


“Goes above and beyond and has a great one on one approach lacking by most large companies.”

Martin Van Woerden

“SM Property taught me the fundamentals of wealth creation and coached me through purchasing my first investment property. He’s an awesome wealth of knowledge and is always able to point me in the right direction.”

Alex Butson

“A massive thank you to SM Property, I was hesitant at first when it came to investment properties but he sat me down and laid the whole process out in a way someone who knew nothing about investing could understand.

After a quick look into my situation, we made an achievable plan and I’m happy to say that in 9 months I have seen a 200k growth in my two properties. It’s honestly nice to meet someone so passionate about helping other people and sharing his knowledge.”

Veenay Rambisheswar

“I have found SM Property to be very professional and personable. He has always kept me informed and has gone out of his way to help me build my investment portfolio.”

Bridgette Forward

“I have always dreamed of buying a house, however, I always thought it was something that would happen much later on in life.

I casually mentioned it to SM Property one day and within the next half hour, he had me convinced it was achievable much, much sooner.

With his absolute confidence and ‘nothing is too difficult’ attitude, he got the ball rolling and found me a property.
As an absolute newbie to all this, I had a million questions and ‘what ifs’ that were answered with ease and without making me feel silly.

SM Property was professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process, from picking the right place to get me in touch with a good lawyer, to sourcing a mortgage broker and everything in between. He has an undeniable passion for putting people into homes and seems to thrive off the process that would make most people put it into the ‘too hard’ basket.

I loved getting the updates about how the build was going, with photos and updated estimated completion dates.
SM Property is your go-to guy if you are even thinking about thinking about buying a property.”

Peter Sia

“One of the best in the game. Knowledgeable and goes out of his way to help. Highly recommend.”

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