Moving into your new Townhouse
SM Property

December 19, 2022

Once you’ve gone unconditional on your off the plan townhouse and have waited patiently through the build progress, eventually it will be settlement (move in) time!

As you can imagine, this is a very busy and overwhelming time for buyers, and little things can easily be overlooked in the process. That’s why we’re here – to give you some tips about important things to remember when moving into your new townhouse!

What chattels are included?

A chattel is a tangible good, such as curtains or washing lines. Make sure you look closely at the chattels included in your sales and purchase agreement. Things you want to look out for are clothes lines, toilet roll holders, towel rails etc. If these items aren’t included in your agreement, you’ll need to be prepared to pay for these items. Majority of the time, these items are easy to install and just require a bit of DIY. These items may be in the townhouse renders, but remember these are just visual artist impressions, which doesn’t necessarily mean the end result will look the same. If you get stuck when looking for it on your agreement, your lawyer should be able to help you with this.

Curtains and blinds

Some off-the-plan townhouse contracts may not include curtains or blinds. They will occasionally include them (you can refer back to the sales and purchase agreement to check this). This is another cost you may need to factor in. Some agencies (such as the SM Property team) will normally have a good contact they can refer you to or organise a quote for you. Alternatively, you can  also purchase blinds from general stores such as Bunnings or Spotlight.

Council rubbish + recycling bins

Make sure you order these before your move in date. We normally recommend organising it about 2 weeks in advance. It’s common in developments for the Residents Association to organise this for you. Larger developments may also have a common Rubbish area which will be serviced by larger bins, if you are unsure ask your sales agent.

Postal address

You’ll need to make sure your new address is registered with NZ Post – you can contact them to organise this. Normally your developer will either help you out with this or do it for you. The Postal Address can be significantly different than the development address so its best to double check this.


It’s a good idea to call your internet provider, and to ask them which broadband services can be made available at your new property. Ask them whether anything will need to be installed to ensure the internet works. You can contact your solicitor or agent to figure out whether the developer is working with Chorus or Enable to have the Fibre Box (ONT) installed, at your property before you move in. 

If they aren’t, let them know you want to organise installation before you move. After confirmation from the developer you can book the install.

Once you have your settlement date confirmed, organise with you internet and/or power providers to make sure you’ve locked in the date that you want services to start at your new property.

New to the area?

If you’re new to the area, join the local community page. Ask the locals about restaurants, services or things to do in the area. There’s always great suggestions and it’ll teach you about the area!

For more tips around home buying, we have a free downloadable First Home Buyers Guide. Head to our Instagram page too – we upload handy tips weekly!

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